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OUR JOURNEY in 2017-18

If you are viewing this page, then you are interested in how our math teachers are journeying through the changes as we move from a traditional classroom setting to a learner centered environment with many resources and student choices. Did you notice that I didn't focus on the digital piece? It's not all about the students getting a digital device. The laptop is just a tool. Some days it is appropriate for the lesson, other days it is not.

Early on in our journey, I decided that our story needed to be told, and if our story was to be told, I wanted our math teachers to be the authors of that story. As you read our story, start with the tabs on the left to see previous years, then start at the bottom of this page and work up. The entries are placed with the most recent happenings at the top, after all that's the most up to date information that you want repeat visitors to see first!

If you are a teacher setting out on a similar journey, don't expect your path to be the same as ours. Every journey is different. Even within our team of math teachers we are all approaching this transition in different ways and different speeds - and that's OK!

Getting Ready for the New School Year

School year 2017-18 will be the first year that ALL of our students will have a laptop device to use everyday in class and at home. Now that we have two years under our belts using the devices with our 6th and 7th graders, I think we are better prepared for incorporating digital assets into lessons in a meaningful way.
This year we are going to try to have our Geometry students use Flipcharts for notetaking and Desmos and GeoGebra for geometry constructions. Last year the 7th grade Algebra students had the opportunity to work with Desmos after we discovered the many amazing tools offered. We first tried Desmos with the exponential and quadratic units. I am looking forward to using it all year starting with the linear unit. This year all of our Algebra students in both grade 7 and 8 will benefit from this tool.