Parent / Teacher Conferences

While it is recommended that parents frequently review their child's progress and grades, each quarter at interim time parents are asked to check their child's progress on BCPS One and arrange to meet with teachers as needed to discuss their child's progress.

Each quarter there is a specific date for interim conferences. Please check the calendar on this website for those details.

To pick a time slot for a specific teacher, enter this link in your internet browser:

At that link, you will be asked for your entry code where you should enter the code for the teacher with whom you would like to meet. You will need to provide a valid email address along with other basic information.

Once you are in the time picker screen, use the tabs on the left to schedule meetings with multiple teachers and/or for multiple students.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact Melanie Kearns ( or Justin Benjamin (

Teacher Entry Code
Barker GX41100183
Bestenheider MPY1100187
Bracken PAX1100189
Carlson 2CN1100190
Clifford DZL1100191
Cline DZL1100191
Cross DN31100237
Cummings YJC1100192
Dickerson DE61100193
Drought TB61100194
Endres ZM51100195
Fisher L451100208
Fritsche MQN1100197
Garven 4BZ1100235
Georgieff M6F1100198
Green MEH1100199
Grim RZD1100200
Harden 1QC1100201
Harmeson YP21100202
Heath 1UM1100203
Hipps EUH1100205
Holt UG41100207
Kulesz G8H1100209
Leblanc L461100211
Lintz 7J31100210
Lo 50M1100212
Maione 6ZW1100213
Mangels WNF1100214
Maniatis AZD1148230
Martino KZG1100215
McNamee 8A01100236
Mello 8Q01100216
Nathanson T631100234
Newberry EV71100217
Rink KC81100218
Rizzo 7S11100219
Roberts 9JQ1100206
Rorke QJW1100220
Rose CXS1100221
Russell UVE1100222
Sandroni EJ41100223
Segal 9801100224
Shaw 9LS1100233
Staley E6U1100225
Stem 9C61100226
Taylor-Mason ZY11100227
Trentzsch HMN1100228
Valentine YTU1100229
Webster FZR1100230
Youngblood 9LN1100231
Zaucha BRH1100232