Algebra 1

Units of Study

1. Linear Functions and Models
Linear Relationships - HMH Modules 1 - 7 (about 38 days)
   Algebra Unit 1.pdf

2. Exploring Linear Relationships

Unit 2A Analyzing Data Sets for Two Quantitative Variables - HMH Module 10 (about 6 days)
   Algebra Unit 2A.pdf

 Unit 2B Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities - HMH Modules 11-12 (about 12 days)
   Algebra Unit 2B.pdf

 Unit 2C Piecewise Defined Functions - HMH Module 13 (about 10 days)
   Algebra Unit 2C.pdf

3.  Exponential Functions 


Geometric Sequences and the Graphs of Exponential Functions - HMH Modules 15-16 (about 18 days)
   Algebra Unit 3.pdf

4. Quadratic Functions

Unit 4A Polynomial Expressions - HMH Modules 17-18 (about 10 days)
   Algebra Unit 4A.pdf

 Unit 4B Graphs of Quadratic Functions - HMH Modules 19-20 (about 10 days)
   Algebra Unit 4B.pdf

 Unit 4C Solving Quadratic Equations - HMH Modules 21-23 (about 18 days)
   Algebra Unit 4C.pdf

 Unit 4D Other Functions - HMH Module 24 *about 4 days)
   Algebra Unit 4D.pdf

5. Data Analysis

Unit 5A Analyzing Data Sets for Two Categorical Variables
- HMH Module 8 (about 4 days)
   Algebra Unit 5A.pdf

Unit 5B Analyzing Data Sets for One Variable 
- HMH Module 9 (about 8 days)
   Algebra Unit 5B.pdf


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