MCAP Testing

What is Common Core? 

The Common Core State Standards are a list of statements declaring what students at every grade level should be learning. 

Forty-five states have agreed to follow the Common Core. Maryland is one of those states. The states have joined one of two consortiums: PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career or Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. Maryland is part of the PARCC consortium. In fact, Maryland is one of the few states under PARCC that are considered to be "at the table" with PARCC which means that representatives from Maryland attend meetings with PARCC and are part of the decision making process. Maryland has taken the Common Core State Standards a step further to clarify them in the Maryland Frameworks. The PARCC assessment is given each spring.

Algebra PARCC

The Algebra PARCC is a graduation requirement. The passing score for Algebra PARCC is set by the state. According to the state website on graduation requirements, the passing score for the Algebra PARCC is as follows:

2016-17 score of 725
2017-18 score of 733
2018-19 score of 741
2019-20+ score of 750

Parent Guide for PARCC test results

PARCC states have partnered with GreatSchools to launch the Great Kids Test Guide for Parents, a new resource to assist parents in helping their children prepare academically for the next grade level and for college and careers. 
The guide was developed as a road map for parents. It gives you information about what your child needs to know at each grade level and how you can help your child succeed academically, based on how they performed on the PARCC assessment. It also explains what knowledge and skills are needed for each area of the test and which parts are especially tough for kids, while offering easy ways to boost a child's skills at home.

Great Schools Test Guide for Parents