Tech Tidbits

Schoology - BCPS One Learning Management System

ALL of our students have a device that will be used both at school and at home.

image of computer 

Each student will receive:

  • HP EliteBook Revolve. No stickers or personal decorations may be added to the device.

  • Charger – this should stay at home. Students are expected to bring the device to school each day fully charged.

  • Sleeve with handle and shoulder strap. No personal lap top cases can be substituted. 

Device Assignment

Each device will be assigned to a student. The device and the student ID Badge will be scanned together to assign the device to the student. Students who transfer to a new school will have to turn in the device to the old school. A new device will be issued from the new school.


To maintain battery life, the recommendation is to fully shut down at the end of every class period. 

Tests showed 6.5 hours of battery life under constant use.

It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged

Devices are trackable in the event that a device is stolen or lost.

A device that has been purposely damaged will be handled by the school as vandalism.

"Stolen" or "damaged" are the only options for reporting. A police report will be initiated.

How To Videos

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