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Grade 6 Supply List

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Required materials for physical education class:
1.   Each student is required to have a Cockeysville Middle school physical education uniform.  Uniforms cost $20 and students must be responsible with them as they will need it for each class period.  If uniforms are purchased at the 6th grade orientation, students should not bring their PE uniform to school until the Thursday of the first week of school.  All students will need to have their uniform by Thursday of the first week of school as we will begin activities on that date. 
2.    Students will need to have appropriate shoes for running and active play.  Shoes that are not permitted included Sperry’s, boots, flip flops, dress shoes etc.
3.    PE classes will most likely be going outside as long as the weather is above 40 degrees.  Some students find that to be cold.  Sweatshirts and sweatpants and athletic pants are permitted in class.
4.    Students will rotate to health class at some point during the year. Students will need a health folder or section in their notebook for health.


Technology Education

  • USB thumb/flash drive (any size)