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Information for Purchasing a Lock

Thank you to all of our families for having your child purchase their lock already. For those of you who who have not yet purchased your lock from CMS, we are no longer going to collect $5 in homeroom from students each day on a rolling basis. If your child still needs to purchase his or her lock, they have two options:

1. The online purchase option. Instructions are linked below. You may purchase online anytime and it notifies us immediately that a lock was purchased.

OSP Parental Instructions August 2021.pdf

OSP Parent Instructions - SPANISH, August 2021.pdf

2. If your child needs to use cash, you may have your child bring $5 any Friday and we will collect their money in homeroom and give him or her a lock.
Moving forward, please do not have your child bring $5 to school for a lock until a Friday starting September 10th.

If your child does not wish to use a locker this year, you do not need to purchase a lock from us.