School Counselors - Social Worker

Ms. Dreyer
Records and School Counseling Secretary

Mrs. Sueta
6th Grade School Counselor

Mrs. Schlenoff, NCC
7th Grade School Counselor
School Counseling Department Chair

Mrs. Evert-Brown
8th Grade School Counselor


Ms. Williams
Social Worker

School Counseling Services

  • Individual Brief Solution Focused Counseling 
  • Group Counseling
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Magnet High School Liaisons
  • College and Career Development using Naviance

8th Grade Naviance Resources
- Strengths Explorer Parent Handbook 
- Strengths Explorer Student Handbook
My Future My Way - First Steps Toward College

  • Elementary to Middle School & Middle School to High School Transition Activities
  • Organization and Study Skills
  • Consultation with Parents/Guardians and Staff Members
  • Referral Services to Outside Agencies
  • Responsive/Crisis Services
  • Registration and Records
  • Withdrawals and Transfers
  • Change of Address

The CMS School Counseling Program

In our role as School Counselors, we work with ALL students. In order to ensure that all of our students receive School Counseling services, we have created and implemented a School Counseling program that is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design, and developmental in nature. Our program's goals are aligned with the CMS School Progress Plan and the BCPS Blueprint 2.0. We deliver our services through four primary interventions: Individual and Group Counseling, Coordination, Consultation, and Large Group Guidance Lessons. 

Resources for Parents, Guardians, and Students

Behavioral Health Student Resource Guide.pdf

Coping Skills Toolbox, 116 pages


Parent Resources about Cyberbullying

Parent/Guardian Resources for Digital Citizenship

What Can You Do as a Student to Stop Bullying Now?

Student Resources about Cyberbullying

Reporting Bullying, Harassment, and/or Intimidation

Support and Resources for LGBT Youth

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