Residency Reverification

Baltimore County Public Schools’ policy requires that all students transitioning from Grade 5 to 6 and Grade 8 to 9 be required to verify residency prior to the start of the school year. Provisions for student enrollment and attendance are outlined in Board of Education Policy and Superintendent’s rule 5150, STUDENTS: Enrollment and Attendance. Students enrolled as homeless, shared domicile, or students in State supervised care are exempt from this process since this is done annually for these students.

To comply with the re-establishment of your residency, 6th grade students will need to provide the following documents VIRTUALLY to Cockeysville Middle School by July 31st of the current school year. 

  • Your signed lease, if you rent (*include renewal letter, if applicable) -
  • Your signed deed, signed settlement sheet, current property tax bill, or mortgage bill (dated within 60 days), if you own –
  • Three (3) pieces of mail sent to your address within the last sixty (60) days from major companies, i.e., utility bill, bank statement, etc., and
  • A parent/guardian photo identification – if a Maryland Driver’s License is used as the photo identification, it must reflect the address of record.  A change of address card may be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Please be advised that failure to provide transition year residency verification will result in the withdrawal of your student from Baltimore County Public Schools.

Virtual Residency Reverification