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The first week of school, students will receive an Agenda Book. In the front of the Agenda Book, there is a very detailed resource section which was designed to answer many frequently asked questions. The school’s website is also very helpful and includes all email addresses. We ask that you allow teachers 48 hours to respond to emails since they are actively instructing students during school hours and may not see your email until after the day ends.


(allow 48 hours for a response) Teacher email addresses are printed in the student agenda book each child receives the first day. Email addresses are also available on this site under the Staff Directory tab.

  • Academic concerns regarding course content, grades, projects
  • Behavior issues in the classroom
  • Request for conference

Team Leaders:

6 th grade: Mr. Drought

7 th grade: Mrs. Staley

8 Th grade: Mrs. Fritsche and Mrs. Youngblood

  • Request for team conference
  • Grade Level policies/activities

Front Office Secretary : 443-809-7626

Mrs. Wortman

  • Office hours are from 7:15 am- 3:45 pm
  • General questions
  • Make-up work requests for 3 or more consecutive days of absence (see agenda book for details/explanation)

Nurse: Mrs. Carrier 443-809-7775

Cafeteria: Mrs. Cox 443-809-7629

Library: Mrs. Salemi  443-809-7620

Guidance Office Secretary : 443-809-7630

Mrs. Dreyer

  • Residency information
  • Interested in reaching a school counselor

School Counselors: 443-809-7630

6th grade: Mrs. Evert-Brown
7th grade: Mrs. Sueta
8th grade: Mrs. Schlenoff 


  • Social/emotional concerns
  • Peer/self-esteem issues
  • Organizational/academic strategies

Grade 6  Assistant Principal: Ms. Fowler
Grade 7  Assistant Principal:  Ms. Fowler  
Mr. Benjamin
Grade 8  Assistant Principal: Mr. Benjamin
  • No response (more than 48 hours) from teacher/team leader/school counselor.
  • Grade Level policies/activities questions
  • Serious disciplinary issues/concerns

Specific Concerns :



  • No response (more than 24 hours) from Assistant Principal     

Adam Carney