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      July 2016  
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       Summer School Ends
       Jul 29 2016
       Teachers on Duty
       Aug 17 2016
       Students and parents will have access to their 2016-2017 class list in BCPS One
       Aug 17 2016
       6th Grade Early Entry Day
       Aug 22 2016 at 08:00 AM
       First Day of class for students
       Aug 24 2016

     BCPS grading practices are evolving.
    Stay informed & share your opinions at https://www.bcps.org/academics/grading/


     Grading and Reporting

    Language Arts Head Start Independent
    Reading Enrichment Project for the Summer

    Access the reading list HERE.

    Your reading response activities are due to your Language Arts teacher no later than Friday, September 23, 2016 and will be included as part of first quarter reporting.

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    Cougar Learning Lab

    CMS Cougar Learning Lab is open to students from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m., on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the library. Teachers volunteer their time in the Lab to provide a safe location for students to work on a variety of academic activities, such as work completion, organization, seeking teacher help, or reading. Students need to be prepared to work productively the entire time.

    For more information, click HERE.


    To maintain and refine the climate of an effective middle school, our mission is… To help all students experience success and reach their full potential in an environment that nurtures high academic achievement, positive self-esteem, good values, appropriate and responsive student behavior, and open, effective communication among students, parents, teachers, and community.  Their middle school experience will prepare them to move forward in becoming globally competitive students prepared for their chosen college and/or career path.

    Our vision is clear…

    To create, sustain and invest in a culture of deliberate excellence which helps to prepare our youth to become globally competitive students and contributing citizens. Our instructional outcomes are guided by three principles: (1) What children are expected to know and to demonstrate, (2) How our children can best be taught, and (3) How their learning will be assessed.  We affirm a multicultural approach, which supports that all children can learn, success breeds success, and we (parents, students, educators, and community) share in the responsibility of the learner’s success.

    We are guided by the four BCPS goals:  
    • Academic
    • Safety
    • Communication
    • Organizational Effectiveness


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