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Student Service Learning paperwork should be completed and returned to Mrs. Stoe. 
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Important Information about Service Learning

Students in Maryland must engage in service-learning in order to receive a high school diploma.

What is service-learning? Service-learning is a teaching method that combines meaningful service to the community with curriculum-based learning.

Students improve their academic skills by applying what they learn in school to the real world; they then reflect on their experience to reinforce the link between their service and their learning.
- Learning in Deed

How do students engage in service-learning in our school?

Students at CMS engage in service learning projects through a variety of ways. Many projects are infused into the required curriculum so students complete activities in the classroom and receive service hours for their involvement. See infused courses list below. Others projects include school wide service such as the Harvest for the Hungry and the Susan G Komen walk-a-thon for breast cancer fund raising. Many clubs such as National Junior Honor Society and SADD complete service learning projects where students receive additional hours.

Middle School Infused Courses Projects - worth 10 service learning hours

Language Arts 6
Social Studies 6
Health 6
Art 7
Technology Ed 7
Science 8
Health 8

Examples of Cockeysville Middle School infused classroom activities:

Grade 6 Language Arts – Students analyzed the elements of a persuasive essay in order to organize their own writing of persuasive essays. The teacher approved individual student selected problems faced by their community and the students outlined the problem faced by the community, its impact on resident's lives and a possible solution. Students used points of their essay in a presentation in order to convince others to take action. The teacher provided guiding questions for student reflection; What is the individual's responsibility to the community? How did research shape or inform their project? How did the project impact the identified issue(s) in the school and/or community?

Grade 6 World Cultures – Social Studies – Students were analyzing the issue of deforestation of the Amazon rain forest in order to explain the trade-offs of using resources to pursue economic opportunities versus preserving the environment. To earn Student Service Learning hours the students were assigned a plant or animal of the rainforest and were required to create a hand puppet of their assigned plant or animal and write a public service announcement that uses the hand puppet to inform people about the Amazon and whether it should be saved.

Grade 7 Art – Students created pinwheels for peace to illustrate symbols of peace, absence of violence and freedom of conflict in the school, community and the world. Students researched assorted peace symbols and their meaning and learned to write peace in several different languages. They also assisted with displaying the pinwheels on the school campus as part of the Global Pinwheels for Peace Day.

SADD Organization – Group members of the CMS Students Against Destructive Decisions club selected to learn how to advocate for children with cancer. Students engaged in research to learn about the various types of cancers that commonly affect youth. They realized the need for funds to support continued research and provide services to kids and their families. Students participated in a bowl-a-thon fund raiser with the Children's Cancer Foundation. The reflection activity involved the students exploring the concept of citizenship and how their total donation of money will have an impact on children locally being treated for cancer.

In order to learn more about service-learning at our school, or obtain forms and prior approval to complete independent service-learning projects, please contact (to be determined).

For additional information on service-learning visit the following sites:

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