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(allow 48 hours for a response)
Teacher email addresses are available on this site under the Staff Directory tab.

  • Academic concerns regarding course content, grades, projects
  • Behavior issues in the classroom
  • Request for conference (with specific teacher)

Team Leaders 

6th grade: Mr. Drought  
[email protected]

7th grade: Mrs. Sheggrud 
[email protected]

8th grade: Mrs.Youngblood
[email protected]

  • Request for team conference (more than more teacher)
  • Grade Level policies/activities

Front Office Secretary: 443-809-7626

Mrs. Wortman
[email protected]

  • Office hours are from 7:15 am- 3:45 pm
  • General questions
  • Make-up work requests for 3 or more consecutive days of absence  

Nurse: Mrs. Carrier 443-809-7775
[email protected]

Cafeteria: Mrs. Cox 443-809-7629
[email protected]

Library: Mrs. Salemi  443-809-7620
[email protected]

School Counseling Office Secretary: 443-809-7630

Mrs. Watson 
[email protected]
  • Residency information
  • Interested in reaching a school counselor

School Counselors: 443-809-7630

Grade 6: Mrs. Schlenoff [email protected]

Grade 7: Mrs. Evert-Brown  [email protected]

Grade 8: Mrs. Sueta [email protected]

-Social/emotional concerns
-Peer/self-esteem issues
-Organizational/academic strategies

School Social Worker: 

Mrs. Blackert       
[email protected]

Assistant Principals

Grade 6:  Mr. Benjamin [email protected]   

Grade 7:  
Mrs. Williams
[email protected]

Grade 8: 
Mr. Benjamin     (Last Names: A-M)
[email protected]   

Mrs. Williams   (Last Names: N-Z)
[email protected] 

  • No response (more than 48 hours) from teacher/team leader/school counselor.
  • Grade Level policies/activities questions
  • Serious disciplinary issues/concerns 

Specific Concerns


Adam Carney    
[email protected]

  • No response (more than 24 hours) from Assistant Principal