Bullying and Harassment

In an effort to provide students with adult assistance when student-to-student interactions involve bullying behaviors, the BULLY BOX has been established at CMS. All students receive referral forms four times a year and the staff explains how any child can report bullying. The BULLY BOX mailbox is in the front office. The CMS administration has found that intervening early is a big help. If the same student is referred multiple times, the consequences increase and parents are contacted. The staff also coaches students on better ways to resolve peer issues. This decreases the chance that bullying will continue. Help us to keep our school safe by reporting bullying behaviors to the bully box.

CMS Bully Box form (these completed forms should be placed in the CMS Bully Box)

The Maryland State Bully Form (these completed forms should be handed in to an administrator) can be found on the Maryland Department of Education web page for Bullying Prevention.

Other resources that you may find helpful:

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