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Advisory teachers have reached out to you to welcome you to Cockeysville this year. This person is your Cougar Connection to our building, so if you have not responded to their email or call, please reach back out to them ASAP to take advantage of them as a valuable resource for all things CMS.

Attendance Notes 

We provide a uniform note that can be used for absence notes, early dismissal notes, and late arrival notes. Please click on the Attendance Note link below to print a copy.

Attendance Note - CMS Form

BCPS Calendar
A/B Day Calendar 2023-2024        

Bus Loop Rules and Dismissal

The following rules are currently in place at CMS. Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.

MORNING ARRIVAL: This is just a reminder that students SHOULD NOT walk across the grass in front of the school as this means they must cross through the bus loop to get to the building. This is not safe. Please have your child walk to the crossing guard on Greenside Drive to ensure they can cross safely.

DISMISSAL: No one should pull in our bus loop after 2:15 PM for any reason. You will be stuck behind buses at dismissal if you do and it will cause a disruption to our dismissal procedures.
All students should be picked up on Greenside Drive by the crosswalk where there is a crossing guard to assist with helping students cross safely. Families picking up from after school activities that dismiss after 3:00 PM may use our bus loop for pick-up.

Keeping safety in our minds, please pay special attention to the Google Map image below. 

Cars are not allowed
  to enter the back parking lot to drop off students in the morning.  This has been a serious safety issue for both students and staff over the years.  The bus loop and back parking lot will be open for buses and staff parking only.  There are three designated student drop off locations along Greenside, see the marked locations, so that the children can cross safely under the supervision of the crossing guard.  We have worked with our school improvement team (which includes parents) and the Baltimore County Traffic Engineering Office to determine the safest locations for student drop off.

Drop Off Zone

Cell Phones/AirPods

Thank you to our families for supporting our cell phone and AirPod rules. We are grateful as all data suggests that having students off phones and attentive in class results in a far more rigorous learning environment where students achieve at higher levels.
Some students have already received phone violations and these are in FOCUS. You can always check there to see; however, someone will contact you on their 3rd phone violation of the year directly.
We would like to reiterate that "talking to my <insert family member>" is NOT an acceptable excuse to have a phone out. Students will still be given a phone violation as we have been very clear with them, and with our families, that if they need to call home they can come to the Office and do so at any time.
Families can also text or call students before school (before 8:00 AM), during their lunch period, and after school.
Staff are extremely pleased with how well students are complying thus far this year with these expectations - so thank YOU for your support as it means a great deal.

Homework Club

Teachers volunteer their time in the Library to provide a safe location for students to work on a variety of academic activities, such as work completion, organization, seeking teacher help, or reading. Students need to be prepared to work productively the entire time. See the clubs and activities page for dates and times. 

Grading Policy
BCPS Grading and Reporting Procedures

Skills and Conduct Indicators


Students will be putting their bags in their lockers and using a school CMS lock to lock their belongings. If you do not have your lock, please contact CMS ASAP so that we can help you do so.
Students are able to go to their locker before school, before and after lunch, and after school. In between, teachers may allow them to go to their locker during class if needed. We will do Advisory lessons in all grades the first week of school on how to set themselves up for success with their lockers, locks, and schedule to help them strategize the best way to maneuver their day. Advisory teachers will continue to help our students with this as the year progresses.


Every child MUST use their locker as backpacks will not be allowed. All 6th graders will receive a FREE lock. 7th and 8th graders who lost their locks will need to purchase a new lock from the front office for $5 CASH.
They will keep these locks for their entire time at CMS. Returning students need to bring back their locks. If they have forgotten their combination, we can look that up for them. 

Transportation and Schedule

PLEASE make sure that your child uses the most UP TO DATE schedule, which is in FOCUS. Both your child's transportation information and schedule are in FOCUS.

For directions on how to access the parent FOCUS portal please click:

The directions for creating a parent account if you have not already done so can be found here: